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North Carolina
Well after reading some of these customer comments, I thought can this guy be real? I went in today and looked at a Subaru Outlook. Price was great and car looked great. He told me to go look at it in back of shop. And he left me alone to look at in peace. I asked him he would take lower $ amount. He said no, deal was already there. Which he was right on about 2-3000 cheaper than anywhere else. I asked him if I could take it to my mechanic? He said sure and let me drive away without any problem at all for half a day, he totally trusted me. Car was in excellent shape. Asked him again if he would take lower (figured would not hurt to ask) , he said no again as it was a deal already. Gave him cashier's check and he takes care of all state fees and title transfer and license plate mailings to you, awesome. Ended up spending an hour just talking about life in general with him and really enjoyed his company. Felt like I gained a friend. He invited me back to go to lunch with him sometime, which I will definitely do . I asked about any warranty, he said if anything major breaks in next thirty days he will do the right thing and take care of it. He is a little gruff and straight forward. Some people may not like that style, but I personally like it to know where people are coming from and tell it like it is, no sugar coating. True blue gentleman. Thank you Bobbie Pence, my wife tomorrow is going to be surprised and really happy with her new used car replacement. Greg....