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North Carolina
Bobby Pence is like the grand father that you could not wait to go visit. He tells you like it is, always have a wonderful story and really has a genuine interest in you. I have been on the lookout for a like new Honda Accord and Bobby had the perfect car for me. He was more than willing to give me the history of the car and encouraged me to do my own research to see if this truly was the car for me. Bobby started our conversation by saying "Whether you buy it or not, we are still friends" and I truly feel he meant the words that he said. Bobby let me borrow the car for a half a day while I went through and go various inspections and just as he said, the inspections came back showing the car was in pristine condition. By the end of the second day, I had to put Bobby to work on documentation for the car because I brought him a check to purchase it. Thank you Bobby Pence for your help. I hope we do continue to be friends and you have earned my business in the future.